"I’m an adrenaline junkie, an apprentice guitar hero and a bridge builder between analogue and digital worlds."
Ondrej, Internet & Mobile Banking Leader
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Who we are looking for

We are looking for people who believe in themselves and strive to make their careers happen; great minds with a pioneering spirit who are passionate about creating something new.
Working within the dynamic market environment of Sberbank Europe, our employees get the opportunity to contribute by their individual background to the development of our young financial institution.  This does not only require a lot of responsibility, it also demands a fully motivated character and willingness to forge an agile path into the future with all its necessary accountability. We like people who are hands-on, enjoy working in an international team and contribute to the success of our company by their entire personality. 

Sberbank Europe in Faces

Iryna, Sberbank Direct
Irina loves to explore the world. In all her travels, she learns something new, whether it’s picking up recipes of local cuisine or innovative business solutions. 
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This knowledge comes in handy when it is about bringing Sberbank Direct to the forefront of technological progress and winning customers for life. Having started out as a Product Leader, Irina now successfully leads the team of Sberbank Direct as Managing Director and transforms obstacles into stepping stones for success.
Vitaliy, Financial Planning & Analysis
Vitaliy embodies a high-class professional and a passionate cyclist. 
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All this and a MBA diploma from a prestigious university. After finishing work, he gets on his bike and cruises home. Vitaliy builds bridges between facts and success; helps people make the right decisions and see the whole picture. Within 2 years of joining the team, Vitaliy‘s development lead him to his current position as Head of Financial Planning & Analysis department.
Lilia, Transaction Banking
Lilia enjoys diving deep down into the oceans and feels equally well both on land and underwater. 
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It corresponds with her work at Transaction Banking that requires an understanding of both East and West. In her work, Lilia brings together people and businesses from Russia and many countries in Europe. She loves and deeply understands local diversities, culture, history and business environments. Lilia has contributed to the continued success of the financial institutions department since day one.
Rudolf, IT Infrastructure and Operations
With care and commitment, he stays in the forefront of Sberbank Europe‘s digitalisation. 
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When tired, he turns to gardening to recharge his batteries. It is hard work and patience that help Rudolf to provide Sberbank Europe with access to the latest technology and successfully protect it from cyber threats. Rudolf’s dedication to his role as Head of IT Infrastructure & Operations has been valued by his colleagues for more than 8 years now.
Albina, Transaction Banking Manager
Johanna, Human Resources
Johanna loves experiencing different countries from different perspectives, be it historic sites or authentic local food. 
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Traveling means excitement and constant learning to her. Much like with psychology, Johanna has always been fascinated by people. Being an HR expert, she applies that same curiosity and problem solving ability when balancing employees and organizational requirements. In under five years Johanna has worked her way up from an internship to becoming HR Business Partner.
Ilka, Head of Controlling
llka, Head of Controlling
In autumn, Ilka pulls on her hiking boots to climb high peaks, and in winter dons her skis to speed down the hill.
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Spring and summer? City trips for a change. And all year round? Her family occupies centre stage. Her balanced lifestyle stands her in good stead when the job calls for her to build bridges between numbers and people. A steep learning curve and a big portion of commitment took Ilka from an internship in financial controlling to the top of the department.
Ondrej, Internet & Mobile Banking Leader
Ondrej likes to get his adrenaline kick on downhill mountain biking and snowboarding in extreme terrain.
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More recently, he has been applying this same determination to playing his e-guitar. It is precisely his unconditional will to turn every challenge into a successful conclusion that helps him in building bridges between the analogue and digital worlds. Initially in charge of internet and mobile banking, Ondrej has since assumed additional responsibility for online sales and web management.

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