Sberbank Russia, founded in 1841, is Russia’s largest bank and a leading global financial institution.

Sberbank Europe AG Headquarter in Vienna


Russian Emperor Nikolai I orders the formation of savings bank outlets at the Moscow and St. Petersburg treasury houses with his decree of 1841 – the year marking the inception of Russia's oldest bank, Sberbank

as part of its international expansion policy, Sberbank opens a representative office in Kazakhstan

Herman Gref, former Minister of Economics and Trade of Russia, is approved Chairman of the Management Board of Sberbank; 

The Sberbank Supervisory Board unanimously approves the Sberbank Development Strategy until 2014, an important milestone of the transformation process of the Russian bank into an international organization.

Sberbank Russia goes international and acquires Volksbank International in Europe and DenizBank in Turkey.

Sberbank Europe obtains a full banking license and gets its first Fitch rating with the investment grade BBB-. The headquarters of Sberbank Europe is located in Vienna on Schwarzenbergplatz 3.

All subsidiaries of Sberbank Europe have been fully rebranded into Sberbank. Sberbank Europe receives a syndicated loan of EUR 350 mn and launches its German online retail bank Sberbank Direct.

Sberbank Direct in Germany gains EUR 1.7 bn in deposits within one year.

Sberbank Europe AG sells its 99.5% stake in Sberbank Slovensko, a.s. to Penta Investments.

Fitch affirmed its rating of Sberbank Europe as ‘BB+’ with positive outlook. Sberbank Europe AG sells its 99.9230% in PJSC «VS Bank» (Ukraine) to TAS Group.

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