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IT Security

Dear Customers,

In today’s digitalized world data security and data integrity is of vital importance. Sberbank Europe is committed to do its utmost to continuously improve its services and keep your data safe and secure.

When you submit sensitive information via our website, your information is protected both online and offline.

  • We use the latest security measures in our IT systems, reflecting technological progress and developments, applying good practices to our network security, virus/malware detection and prevention systems, access controls and encryption;
  • We avoid allowing data to be taken outside our protected systems (e.g. on USB removable storage media);
  • We undertake reviews of the type of information we process as well as who has access to it;
  • We give training updates to our staff on security procedures and how to avoid accidental disclosure through scams, phishing or social engineering techniques.

What is phishing?

In the most obvious cases, phishing attempts can be identified by customers if information like codes, passwords, TACs or similar data is asked by e-mail or telephone. Two common forms of phishing are:

1. Deceptive phishing (any attempt to steal acustomer’s personal information or login credentials by impersonating a legitimate company)

2. Spear phishing (personalized attack in which the e-mail contains thecustomer’s name, phone number, position, company and other information in attempt to trick the recipient into believing there is a connection to the sender)

What can you do to protect yourself?

As a customer, you can take preventive measures by following these rules:

  • Be aware of malware possibilities
    Update the software on your computer and smartphone regularly in order to avoid system vulnerabilities from old software versions.
  • Check the website encryption certificate
    Like most other banks, Sberbank Europe AG uses the so called “Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate” while fake websites only use free SSL certificates like “Let’s Encrypt”. Every website using EV SSL certificates will activate highly visible indicators directly on the browser address bar: a green address bar (except Google Chrome), the company name and the padlock icon:

Google Chrome: 

Mozilla Firefox:

Microsoft Edge:

To view further information (e.g. in Google Chrome) click on the company name and move the mouse pointer over “Certificate”. You will see the certificate was issued by an extended validation certificate authority.


  • Review the important information
    Every reputable website contains an imprint, contact information, general terms and conditions, as well as cancellation, delivery and payment terms. Such information are publicly available on all official websites.
  • Never disclose your secret data
    Neither Sberbank Europe nor any of its employees or affiliates would ever ask you to disclose your secret data such as passwords, codes, TAC or TAN. Under no circumstances should you disclose these information to a third party.

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