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Press Releases Sberbank Europe AG

Press Releases

Orderly wind-up well on track: Sonja Sarközi leaves "Sberbank Europe AG in Abwicklung"


Two liquidators remain in the bank who will accompany the further wind-up process.

Sberbank Europe AG repays all deposits


The bank was approved to sell the majority of its asset portfolio and to continue with an orderly wind down.

Sberbank Europe statement on the current situation


Sberbank Europe is in close contact with regulatory authorities

Sberbank Direct recognized as “Best Direct Bank” in Germany


Sberbank Direct was awarded by the renowned German review portal Banking Check

Sberbank Direct on a successful growth path


With its instant loan, Sberbank Direct reached a loan volume of more than EUR 600 million at the end of Q3 2021

Fitch affirms Sberbank Europe rating at 'BBB-'; Outlook Stable


Fitch acknowledged the bank’s asset quality, reduced concentration risks and its sound liquidity and funding profile

Sber ranks 51st on Forbes’ Global 2000, list of world’s biggest public companies


Sberbank has came on first among the Russians companies that made it into the list

Sberbank International creates new opportunities for X5 Retail Group through trade relations with Serbia


Eight FMCG companies presented their products to X5 Retail Group


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