Access data about potential business partners and clients from Russia

Check by Sberbank: Check and Find Out


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Check by Sberbank: Check and Find Out

Check by Sberbank: Check and Find Out If there's one product Sberbank would like to tell its customers more about, it's Check by Sberbank. Because it epitomizes the bank's special USP: an outstanding in-depth knowledge of the Russian market.

What can Check by Sberbank do?

Check by Sberbank is a service that the Sberbank Group has already launched successfully in China and Belarus. The tool is based on an extensive database containing information on over 25 million Russian companies, allowing Sberbank customers to access data about potential business partners and new clients from all sectors of the Russian economy. As well as corporate profiles and information about financial results and ownership structure, Check by Sberbank also supplies details of network memberships, legal disputes, public tenders and much more besides.

Angelo Rizzuti, Head of Transaction Banking & Trade Finance at Sberbank Europe: "Check by Sberbank improves the quality of our service by enabling us to precisely tailor our products to our customers' wants and needs." Sberbank tracks the information searched for on Check by Sberbank and evaluates the results using predictive analytics. Based on this detailed analysis of search queries, Sberbank can foresee the needs of its customers and offer them customized banking products.

Austria is on board

Check by Sberbank is also being piloted in Austria, and Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG is among the "friendly users". Board Member Helmut Bernkopf: "During the test phase at OeKB it quickly became apparent that Check by Sberbank is extremely user-friendly and perfectly meets user needs."

If you're interested in Check by Sberbank, please contact us via one of the following addresses: or

"Check by Sberbank is very intuitive and clearly structured. We found it especially useful to have information about the ownership and participating interests of our existing and potential customers and the interrelationships between them. Information about ongoing and past legal proceedings and, of course, all the financial data are also highly relevant for our customer relations", Christine Hiermann, Commercial Director at Bertsch-Laska.

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