Sberbank has came on first among the Russians companies that made it into the list

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Sber ranks 51st on Forbes’ Global 2000, list of world’s biggest public companies

Forbes has released its Global 2000, a list of the world’s biggest public companies. It includes companies from 61 countries that are ranked by sales, profit, assets, and market value.

Sberbank has ranked 51st on Global 2000 and came on first among the Russians companies that made it in the list. Last year, Sber was on the 402nd line in the overall ranking and was sixth among Russian businesses. Ranking details are available at

Herman Gref, CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank, comments:
The coronavirus pandemic and related change in consumer behavior, collapse of the oil prices threatened a number of sectors of the economy in Russia. Like any other company, in 2020 Sber had to immediately adapt to the new realities, participating in all state measures directed toward fighting the pandemic. Still, Sber’s mature digital products and services enabled it to help people and businesses in a quick and secure way, but also grow the business during the pandemic restrictions. Sber’s loan portfolio increased by 15% in 2020, while the share of its retail deposits in Russia reached 45.4%.

In 2020 we also completed our technological transformation and are developing an ecosystem present in such industries as e-commerce, e-health, wealth management, insurance, entertainment, foodtech & mobility, while continuing to offer core banking services. The number of Sber’s retail clients now exceeds 100 million, with the number of active corporate clients overshooting 2.8 million.

The recovery of business and consumer activity, combined with the development of our digital services and a large-scale cost-cutting program, helped Sber build a healthy capital base. This enabled us to become one of the first financial institutions to resume dividend payments. Sber paid a record amount of dividends for the Russian market of RUB 422 billion (EUR 4.93 billion) in 2020, with half of them going to the country’s budget. At its recent AGM meeting, Sber approved the same distribution of dividends in 2021.

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