Fintech cooperation offers clients simple and convenient payment solution in real time via mobile phone.

Sberbank Slovenia cooperates with MBILLS on easy mobile payments


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Sberbank Slovenia cooperates with MBILLS on easy mobile payments

Sberbank d.d. (“Sberbank Slovenia”) and MBILLS d.o.o. have announced their cooperation on offering clients a brand-new, fully functioning, simple and convenient payment solution via mobile phone.

Using the mobile wallet mBills, clients of Sberbank Slovenia can now transfer money mobile and online 24 hours a day in real time to other mBills users without entering any recipient’s personal data. Clients can settle their monthly bills or make payments directly from their bank accounts, wherever mBills payments are accepted. In addition, clients can also withdraw cash at all points of sale of Petrol (leading Slovenian energy company) free of charge.

Sberbank Slovenia cooperates with MBILLS on easy mobile payments

Director of MBILLS, Primož Zupan, recognizes the cooperation between Sberbank Slovenia and MBILLS as the right step towards the expansion of cashless payments: “From the very beginning, MBILLS has had an open platform that was not dependent on the users’ bank, mobile operator or mobile operating system. We have now made it possible for clients of Sberbank Slovenia to make all payments with mBills using directly the money on their Sberbank-bank accounts.”

Up to now, users of the mobile wallet mBills have had to add money to their wallet before using it for payments via mobile phone. Now, clients can connect their mobile wallet to their bank account opened with Sberbank Slovenia, and use money from their bank account for payments with mBills.

Partnerships with fintechs save costs and time for banks

Partnerships with fintech companies bring about new possibilities for banks. “We have entered into a partnership with MBILLS in order to offer our users a highly advanced banking experience, and have been the first to set the example in Slovenia for future cooperation between banks and Slovenian fintech companies. This cooperation not only brings benefits to users, but also to the industry as such, as it is adding a new dimension to innovative solutions in banking,” comments Aleš Zajc, Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Slovenia.

When PSD2, the revised European Payment Services Directive, comes into force in September 2019, European banks will be required to grant third party providers access to their customers’ data. Even before the new vision of the directive has become applicable, Slovenia has already seen the first example of a successful cooperation between a bank, Sberbank Slovenia, and a Slovenian fintech company, MBILLS.

About Sberbank Slovenia

Sberbank Slovenia (Sberbank banka d.d.) ranks 8th in terms of total assets on the Slovenian banking market (11 banks) (30th June 2018). Sberbank manages a branch network of 12 branches in main Slovenian cities.


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