Sberbank Europe provides universal banking products and innovative non-banking services.

Sberbank Europe AG Headquarter in Vienna


Sberbank Europe’s portfolio ranges from universal banking products to innovative services:

  • Our business

    Sberbank Europe is a fully-fledged universal bank. Our activities focus on retail banking customers, large corporates as well as on small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Our markets

    Sberbank Europe is a strong financial partner for retail ­clients in Central and Eastern Europe as well as for companies doing business in CEE, Russia and CIS. We aim to build bridges between Russia and the European markets.

  • Our customers

    Sberbank Europe manages a retail banking network in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo and Banja Luka), Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and Germany. In Germany, Sberbank Europe focuses on retail clients only, offering them basic banking products via Sberbank Direct. In Austria, Sberbank Europe serves corporate clients with business focus on CEE markets.

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